About us

Welcome to the website of the repair and construction company PROBUD, which provides professional and comprehensive services with widely understood repair and construction services.
We operate throughout the Netherlands and other countries from 2010 and we have
hundreds of professional and comprehensive overhaul.
The recipients of our services are individual clients, companies and institutions.
We are specialized in professional renovation of apartments, houses, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices, shops, commercial premises or large objects like buildings and halls large construction.
If you’ve arrived here because you need help in any repair services or, if you are looking for
a professional company that will assist you in repair from “a” to “z” you are at the right place!
Thanks to the gained knowledge and experience in every area of interior finishes, we can offer A construction services at the highest level.
Our company is formed by people competent, with the full involvement of filling his job. Employees and collaborators of the company characterized by integrity and professionalism and many years of experience gained both at home and abroad, so you can be sure that any orders entrusted to us will be fairly made.
Our priority is the highest quality services at attractive prices, reliability and punctuality, which are key to the achievement of a high position in the market. 
To the level of services we attach great importance, because the command of our company by the customer, is the best a form of advertising.
The company has the potential to carry out any venture. We strive to meet each task, also very extraordinary. Each order is always a new challenge for us, to whom we approach individually and with passion and we put customer satisfaction first. We make every effort to end the effect of our work one hundred percent agree with the expectations of the customer.
We want to continue to raise the quality of our services and the same meet your expectations.
We always focus on innovation, creativity, esthetics. For repair work we use the latest materials technology and high the quality equipment. 

We do not only offer manufacturing of objects, but also professional and formal technical advice before and during implementation. Thanks to this we are creating a trustworthy company image, which is a base in the renovation and construction industry.
We always offer an advice in the selection and purchase of the necessary materials.

House or Office is used for years, often heavily used appropriately solid preparation and finishing. Entrusting us with your business you can be sure that the effect will survive the test of time.
Thanks to the high standard of Interior will not have to be ashamed of inviting guests or business partners to your home or Office. Thanks to the accuracy of the implementation, the appropriate selection of materials and decorative elements, solid and attractive appearance while maintaining high immunity.
We invite you to further familiarize yourself with the offer of our company. We are confident that the information that you can find on this page will help you decide to cooperate with us- the PROBUD company.

At the work we made we guarantee and issue a VAT invoice.
The offer of our company is primarily:
•          Complete and partial repairs and trim houses, flats, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, restaurants and large economic spaces, objects
•          All kinds of widely understood painting services (inside, outside)
•          Spray painting
•          Paperhanging,
•          Filling (to obtain a perfectly smooth surface of the walls),
•          Internal and external plaster
•          At the Kronostep submit all sorts of panels, wood floors,
•          Laying ceramic tiles,
•          Installation of central heating, heated floors,
•          Hydraulic installations,
•          Electrical installations,
•          Thealign partitions, bricklaying,
•          Suspended ceilings,
•          All kinds of interior decoration,
•          Roofing services,
•          Service,
•          Machine plaster
•          Assembly-installation of plasterboard and gypsum fiber and OSB,
•          White Assembly,
•          Demolition works

We guarantee: 
•          This what was agreed,
•          The highest quality service in accordance with the project
•          A friendly and professional service,
•          Final results from which you will be fully satisfied,
•          Securing and considering to equip the apartment and finished parts,
•          Always leave your order!
•          We give you up an annual guarantee our work.

If you are interested in establishing co-operation please contact, it costs nothing. Always we provide professional advice and assistance.